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the dry-erase board outside my cubicle :)

I'm gonna expand a little on my recent paleo post and share some ideas I've had about packing not just paleo foods on a trip, but healthy foods. I'm currently in Chicago for work. While it's a super exciting assignment, I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing. How was I going to go to a city known for their amazing food—more specifically pizza—and not indulge? The answer is simple; lots of planning.

We are taking a bus to and from that has one brief stop at a gas station that houses a McDonalds & Subway. So the cleanest food sources are not available for the journey. Then once we got here I had to ensure I had enough snacks to keep me satiated and energized for all the walking we have been doing. So I packed A LOT of food. Better to have too much than too little, right?

This is what I brought with me, as snapped from my iPhone the morning I left for Chi-town.

1 >> Hard boiled eggs are easy fuel sources. They're very portable and contain lots of protein, so they'll keep you full for a long time. The downside? Peeling them!

2 >> Larabars! They have a high sugar count, so they shouldn't be eaten in mass quantities, but they're a great snack for when you're out and don't have the time or locale to secure fresh foods. I don't feel too bad about them because most varieties only contain a few ingredients.

3 >> Dates are my new jam. I pop one or two of the Medjool variety when I'm craving something sweet. They have a candy-like consistency.

4 >> Almond butter is great for spreading on fruit and vegetables. These little packets by Justin's are handy and easily transportable.

5 >> Have you tried Kombucha yet? It's a fermented tea. There are loads of debates about whether or not it's paleo, due to the fermentation process, but I'm not splitting hairs here. I like it. It has lots of nutrients and only 2 grams of sugar per serving (neither of those grams are added), and it's fizzy and tasty and curbs any cravings for soda that I encounter.

6 >>  I packed cashews, almonds and pumpkin seeds. What can I say? I like variety!

7 >> Cucumbers are my favorite vegetable. I could eat them every day. I just break them apart, roll them up in plastic wrap, and toss them in my bag.

8 >> Celery travels really well and tastes fantastic when topped with almond butter.

9 >> Salad dressings are traps for all sorts of things like sugar, dairy, high fructose corn syrup, etc. To prevent wrecking my diet, I packed my own salad dressing. I just picked up a travel bottle that is food safe from the toiletries section at the supermarket and filled it with a Paleo-safe dressing. The packaging assures me it is leak-proof, and so far, so good!

10 >> I try to avoid meat that has been processed, but when i need a quick protein-packed snack, I'll cut up a link of all-natural Applegate sausage. I'll also keep a pack in the fridge for nights when I'm short on time and need to whip up a quick dinner.

11 >> Apples are pretty self-explanatory. Yum.

12 >> Red peppers.

13 >> Bananas are quick energy, full of potassium, and another great accompaniment to the almond butter :)

Hopefully this helped with some ideas for your next trip or vacation. Even if you don't follow the paleo diet, I hope this aids you in coming up with some healthy alternatives to greasy fast food and gas station fare. Safe (and healthy) travels, my friends!


  1. your healthy snacks all look delicious! I've seen that almond butter in the grocery store and wondered about it... I'll have to give it a try.

  2. Oh, also.. I love Kombucha, and I helped out with their website redesign at my old job. (I'm in one of the rotating photos on the site, hah!)

  3. I'll admit, the packaging on the Justin's Almond Butter is what initially sold me! However, once they got me to try it, I became a fan. They have some really interesting flavors, too, like Maple Almond & Chocolate Hazelnut.

    Kombucha is my new jam! SO good! Nice work on the website, too :)

  4. you gave me a lot of ideas here! whenever I go for a trekking or a day trip, I prepare usual stuff: sandwiches+bananas...
    I love how you packed them and I love the variety!
    cheers xo


  5. glad i could be of assistance!

  6. Love it and it looks a lot like what I take with me when I leave the house. Just have a few comments. Kombucha does unfortunately have added sugar before the fermentation process :( BUT it is completely eaten up during the fermentation process by the "mother" :) Yay! After spending $4+ on each botle for the last 9 months or so I decided to buy to regular flaved ones and make my own.

    Also just wanted to point out the Lara bars dont have added sugars, they are high in "sugar/carbs" because they are made from a Date and apple base. So having dates with your Larabars and Apples is just giving you more sugar. I would suggest if you are worried about the sugar trade one for an Avocado, bell peppers or grape tomoatoes instead? :)

    I love your dressing idea, a lot more portable then my mason jar I have been lugging around :-p

    Great read, new follower!

  7. Thanks for the advice, Mrs. Fortune! I learned more about the fermentation process of Kombucha after I wrote this. I had to stop drinking it on a regular basis, however, because it seriously upsets my stomach. which is sad! But I still love it and recommend it!

    There actually are a handful of Larabar varieties that have added sugar (Brownie & Cherry Torte). They're the ones with chocolate chips added. I have them around to keep me from losing my grip when everyone I'm with is digging into Chocolate Lava Cake! I tend to eat these in serious moderation. I should have pointed out that I have a lot of high carb/high sugar items in this bag because I was going to be doing nearly 9 hours of walking a day on this trip. I wouldn't typically eat apples, dates, larabars and bananas all in one day! goodness, I'd be over-sugared :) This was also a three day trip, so I ate these over a period of time, AND had a ton of leftovers.

    Thanks for reading and pointing that stuff out. Sometimes we need people to keep us accountable!

  8. With kombucha, you should start with a very small amount (1 oz or less) and slowly work your way up. Kombucha is a powerful natural probiotic and can cause stomach distress because of leaky gut issues, yeast overgrowth, or a number of other issues that you may not be aware of. Start slow and work your way up. That stomach issue is actually a sign that you need more probiotics!

  9. These sound great, except for the kombucha. My allergist says nothing fermented due to yeast allergies. The rest sound pretty good. I have tried the Lara bars and have found recipes for homemade ones that i look forward to trying.